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Both the colors give the phone a unique look and makes the phone gadget beautiful. The gadget sports a 1.3 mega pixel camera with the resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels. The phone has all the basic features which nowadays a phone possess but the most amazing feature of this gadget is the dual sim facility. The users can use two sim at a time and can enjoy the benefit of two separate networks. Both the sim has different stand by time which makes the phone more efficient and productive. The stand by time of the gadget is up to 500 h and the talk time is up to 11 h which means one do not have to recharge again and again.

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One of the most frequently heard reasons opposing dealer chat leads is "I have enough leads as it is." While this may be true, I wonder how many of those leads are quality leads? Certainly, you spend a portion of your day tracking down a few of your leads calling their work, home, or cell phones. You leave a message with a third party in hopes that you'll get the potential customer on the phone. Think about it - dealership chat service enables you to capture visitors on your website in real time. There are no voicemail messages, missed calls, or third party messages. The potential customer is there, now, wanting to buy a car from you! Why else would they be on your website?

At that point, you have a way of saving cell phone text messages by sending or forwarding them to your Gmail account from your phone. Save the reply number and name it something like "My Gmail," if you want. Any time you send a text message to "My Gmail" either individually or as part of a message group that you set up on your phone, your messages will go to your Gmail account. You can go to your Gmail account later and copy, paste, or forward the messages and have a record of them.

My company has been using chat for technical support for a couple of years and its definitely been a win-win. Its more efficient for us and our customers find it quick, easy and convenient.

Yes Ooma does have a limit of 5000 minutes per month for outbound calls, that we only enforce if a user is abusing the system for commercial purposes. Ooma has never had to enforce this with normal domestic users. It's a fantastic device and more folks should be using it!